Very short chapter in life.

Well I posted awhile ago about moving to the little hick town of Titusville FL for a new job. Turns out the town isn’t the only crappy thing here. After starting work for this new company Business quickly declined. Out of the almost 2 months I have been here I have averaged only 30 hours a week (I was promised 50+) so after spending all my savings to move here to take this job I now have found a new job back on the other coast of FL. As a side note I have been traveling back in forth to the Ft.Myers area for interviews with my new employer. It is a nice relaxing 250 mile ride thru the lower half of the state there is some really nice areas lots of pasture land. Here are a few pics form the ride today. In Okeechobee FL there is a vetrans park with a nice M60 Main Battle tank on display.





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